Naroma was founded by a group of students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology who pioneered the application of nano technology in the field of perfume in Vietnam with the goal of removing an important component of perfume “alcohol” while still maintaining the function and benefits of perfume

Nano perfume is a perfume with small droplets of essential oils compressed into tiny size with large surface area, transparent or translucent, low viscosity and high dynamic stability. It is an excellent means of transporting fragrance, especially in the perfume industry, and a great solution for non-alcoholic water-based perfumes that solve issues related to oxidation and low biological concerns of perfumes when using non-alcoholic perfume. Nano perfume is developed from a water-based nano emulsion system to combine with essential oils and fragrances with the purpose of studying their physicochemical, microbiological and dermatological properties when sprayed.

II/ Purpose

  • Meets the criteria of not harming the skin, having a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance, and ensuring health safety.
  • Does not create a strong alcohol scent. Provides a more authentic fragrance due to the absence of alcohol. Furthermore, with the variety of essential oil ingredients and fragrances, customers can easily choose a suitable scent for Naroma. Moreover, the combination of nano-technology and natural essential oils brings you confidence and brand recognition.
  • Aligns with the global trend of eliminating alcohol and volatile organic solvents in perfumes

. • Suitable for all skin types, does not cause irritation or discomfort.